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Platform support

Supported platforms for released versions

See the "Dependencies" section of the FakeItEasy NuGet Gallery page to see each released package's supported platforms and package dependencies.

Platform support policy

Beginning with FakeItEasy 8.0.0, we intend to publish new packages that target

  • .NET versions designated as Long Term Support (LTS) and currently supported by Microsoft
  • .NET Standard 2.0 and 2.11
  • .NET Framework 4.6.22

See the .NET Support Policy to learn which target frameworks are categorized as "Long Term Support", and when support begins and ends.

We will add builds for new LTS .NET versions as they are released, and remove them from new FakeItEasy builds once support is ended.

It's not clear that there's a global consensus on whether the removal of a supported target framework constitutes a breaking change and therefore requires a new major version. We choose to limit surprises to FakeItEasy's clients and issue a new major release when dropping a supported target framework.

  1. There are no explicit plans to remove support for .NET Standard target frameworks, but we may do so if Microsoft explicitly ends support for them, or if supporting them within FakeItEasy becomes too onerous. 

  2. There are no explicit plans to remove support for .NET Framework, but we may increase the supported version or remove support if Microsoft ends support for .NET Framework, or if supporting it within FakeItEasy becomes too onerous.