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Doing Nothing

Sometimes you want a call to be ignored. That can be configured like so:

A.CallTo(() => aFake.SomeVoidMethodThatShouldDoNothing())

This is quite close to what a default Fake's unconfigured member will do, but there a few situations where you may need to make the DoesNothing call explicitly.

If the Fake is strict, an unconfigured call will throw an exception, so DoesNothing can be used to allow a call to a member on the Fake.

Or, DoesNothing can be used to change the behavior that an already-configured call is supposed to have. For example, if a call is set to throw an exception, that can be overridden. For more on this kind of thing, see how to override the behavior for a call.

Note that DoesNothing is only applicable when configuring members that have a void return (or Task, which is the async equivalent of void). To override behavior on already-configured (or strict) members that return values, you must instead configure a preferred return value.